I Tea (Premium Tea)

i Tea

Ensured Excellent Flavor and Outstanding Taste in a Hi-Tech Modern Pack. "I" Premium Tea is collected from Ever best tea garden. Which gives it the status of Export Quality. Why "I" Premium Tea...? "I" Premium Tea helps your digestive system to perform better at breakfast table and gives you a boost to start the day. "I" Premium Tea is enriched with natural antioxidants that keeps you healthy and fresh all the time."I" Premium Tea has the capability to protect you against Nitric Oxide Toxicity. "I" Premium Tea is collected and blended by our highly professional and experienced tea testers Which gives it the status of Export Quality.

How our Taster Taste:At "I" Premium Tea, our expert may taste anything up to a hundred different teas in a day, from 160 tea estates in our countries. The taster is looking for flavour, body and colour, using his own lingo when it comes to a tea's 'zing' (its character) and 'sparkle' (how it looks). The skill of our senior blender means that you will also get the cup of "I" Premium Tea that you love.

Health Benefits:It's not often that something you love is also good for you. So brew up, and feel a little smug with each cup of tea.
That still allows at least two-four mugs of tea a day, but if want to go further and cut caffeine out completely, we can help there too:

  • "I" Premium Tea Redbush has a delicious natural sweetness. It's as hydrating as water and is packed with natural antioxidants. But it's also caffeine-free.
  • Today Tea Decaf has the unique "I" Premium Tea flavour, and lots of antioxidants - but without the caffeine.

Pack size: 500g (Leaf, BOP).